Hi Welcome to Osoroshi.com!

I hope you enjoy following along with the Osoroshi as they interact with one another and have fun. They are definitely worth the calories.

Let's take a minute and introduce each of the Osoroshi.


Image of Sherrill

Sherrill is seal-like creature. She is married to Phil and has hearing problems. She is not the brightest Osoroshi, but at least she doesn't have a particularly good heart.


Phil is pretty wealthy. He's a hard worker, who runs a multi-million dollar company. When he isn't running his business he enjoys spending time with his lovely wife Sherrill. Phil also suffers from kyphosis, but he doesn't let that get him down... he does let it get him a little hunched over and forward.


He is Bob.


Clark is a bit of a crafty criminal. He doesn't have any money, but that doesn't stop him from trying to get money BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.


Nubs favorite food is chimkin. She only has 2 brain cells, but she is a real sweetheart. Everybody loves Nubs.


Tom is a bean creature. He does have legs, do NOT call them arms.


Cybercat put on a VR headset years ago and has never been able to get it off her head because she is just a bit too chubby. She might have hind legs; no one really knows for sure.


Jack is a pastor. Jack chomps.